Our fascination with projectable holographic images goes back at least as far as Princess Leia’s SOS message to Obi Wan Kenobi hidden inside R2D2. A number of technology and media companies have fully-functional devices and the unit cost is steadily declining. But while the idea of hearing a sales pitch from a virtual Larry King (really—he’s an early investor) might be novel, we can’t help think about more practical applications. Imagine engaging shoppers with suggestive selling in the form of meal preparation demos in the grocery aisle. Talk about a retail moment of truth: watch while we show you a clever and creative way to surprise the family for dinner tonight. And everything you need is right here where you stand. The center store takes center stage again with disruptive displays that take up virtually no floor space.

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How might you utilize projectable holograms to engage and delight the shoppers in your category? #MarsTalk