Howdy Partner!

Can you guess what day it is?

“It’s the everything you wanted to know about Partnership Marketing but were afraid to ask” day…

There’s no escaping it.  It seems like they are popping up everywhere lately.  Over the last few weeks, the Sunday FSIs have featured several including Kellogg’s Special K with free Nicole by OPI Nail Polish; Kings Hawaiian Better Burger and Sutter Home; and Bayer Aspirin with the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease  just to name a few.  Some are a natural fit such as pairing wine with cheese and crackers, or movie night with popcorn and soda, or game time with beer and chips.  And lately, there have been some unexpected partnerships including the Pure Michigan commercials with Kroger milk and Michigan Farmers – “From our Farms to Your Table” and the recent Ms. Brown M&M, Geico and Hump Day Camel (click here to view).

But regardless of their shapes, sizes, retailers, tactics and budgets, they all have one thing in common…a partnership.

And that’s our cue.

Partnership Groups within an agency identify, solicit and secure the best partners to meet any client’s need. The key to a great partnership program is that it:

– leverages the client’s strengths

– provides better shopper solutions

– doubles budgets

– increases brand awareness

– increases sales

And ultimately, everyone wins here – the brands, retailers, shoppers and the agency.

To paraphrase a quote from Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption: we need to GET BUSY PARTNERING OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL.