It’s week four and the Unask project (where we work on a real-world proposal to a current agency client) is well on its way. After multiple brainstorms and extensive research, our project is on track with the timeline. This week our group conducted a store visit to a major retailer to observe our brand on display. The Strategic Planning team, Jake and Anna, collected mounds of data and research to form our creative brief.

Last Friday, Arlene and I tagged along with Jake and Anna on an undercover mission. The Strategic Planning team needed to conduct research on wedding registries. Arlene was a sly photographer and captured candid shots of Jake and Anna in the midst of their wedding registry at another major retailer.

Arlene and I worked with our mentors in the Creative department. We were able to join in on a few brainstorm sessions, design flyers for a company event, and contribute to a campaign look and feel.

Working with Ethan and Brad on Operation Digital, we began to research and design infographics to post around The Mars Agency. Justin is writing copy for Operation Digital’s mission of educating the agency on all social media platforms.  Arlene and I have the pleasure of adding our input on the decks before they are turned into short video segments.

I was pleased with week four because Arlene and I dipped our toes in multiple projects.