There are ten interns working for The Mars Agency this summer, and we are
all striving to make an early impact. We are undergoing training to familiarize us
with the different departments, how they interact, and their responsibilities. We are
being taught about the different clients The Mars Agency represents and the best way to
approach and interface with them. Most importantly, we are being taught that the
position of “intern” is meaningful and we are capable of making an impact on the
entire organization.

All ten of us are planning on writing blog posts at some point during the
summer, so we’ll all get an opportunity to talk about our experiences at The Mars Agency. I
am in the Strategic Planning division and I have been amazed with the level of
involvement I’ve been allowed to have so far. I sat in on several meetings within
the Strategic Planning department. Most people would assume that an intern sitting in on a
meeting would need to be seen, not heard. But, I was engaged and encouraged to
give my opinion on the direction of our campaigns. I was given data sets to
look over and helped to provide insight into possible marketing strategies. After
only two days at The Mars Agency, I’ve been given meaningful and engaging tasks, and I can’t
wait to see what the rest of the summer holds.

So, as the summer progresses and we, the interns, continue to develop and
learn; we will work to make an even bigger impact at The Mars Agency.