The Mars Agency is excited to welcome our 2015 Summer Interns!  Each week the internship team will write a blog post discussing their experience and learnings working for The Mars Agency.  To learn more about our Internship program, visit the internship page.


During our fourth week of the internship program, we continued working on our Unask assignments. After our visit to the client, we had to compile our research and determine our findings on how the client is exemplifying its proposition. Laura and I worked very closely with Gary Peare, Vice President, Strategic Planning in our Oakland, California office, to better understand how to tell the story of our findings to the client. Shout-out to Lia for making our deck look amazing!

Laura and I also started narrowing down our target market for the Unask. Being data nerds, we love to use the research tools provided to us here at The Mars Agency. They have been super helpful in understanding the market and figuring out what demographic we want to focus on. For department tasks, we worked with the Omnichannel team this week and learned about RFPs, or, Request for Proposals. These proposals are used by the team to solicit services from vendors for various campaigns we want to run. It was interesting to learn more about how the process works and what types of campaigns the agency is currently working on. We can’t wait to learn even more about Strategic Planning in the coming weeks!