With only a couple of days before our presentation to the client for our Unask project, PJ and I (the creative interns) have been busy finalizing our project. We’ve spent the week making final edits to our creative tactics, creating visuals, illustrating our tactics and compiling our final presentation decks. After spending all this time talking, it’s really satisfying to finally be able to start thinking and creating how they will look.

This week there was also an Ice Cream Social in the office. It was a really nice break, especially for PJ and I, from staring at the Photoshop interface and thinking about our Unask project. My fellow interns and I submitted our own flavors for the create-your-own ice cream competition. I created a vanilla and cotton candy-flavored ice cream with caramel popcorn, sundae peanuts, and a marshmallow swirl and named it “Carnival”. Another notable ice-cream creation by the interns was “Macon Love” which is a maple syrup ice cream with bacon bits mixed in. There were so many ice cream flavor submissions! Ultimately, the flavor that won was an ice cream that included our coworker Jay Wehler’s homemade cookies. I got to try it on Thursday and it was quite delicious.

I’m excited to get moving on our second Unask project and helping out with a new business pitch. It seems like there are always a bunch of exciting jobs and projects to work on at The Mars Agency.