The Mars Agency is excited to welcome our 2015 Summer Interns!  Each week the internship team will write a blog post discussing their experience and learnings working for The Mars Agency.  To learn more about our Internship program, visit the internship page.

This week, we all joined forces to figure out our next step for the Unask assignment. Laura, Gabby and Dan – our interns for Strategic Planning and Client Leadership – have done a fantastic job collecting all the research these past several weeks. Now the time has come for Creative and Digital – Marissa, Brad and I – to take over. Our brief has been finalized and now comes the brainstorming!

We spent a great deal of our afternoons bouncing ideas off one another. With the valuable insight from our Creative Director, Melissa Barton and Vice President, Strategic Planning, Gary Peare, we’ve really honed down our direction. We still have quite a ways to go, but we’re getting there! We’ll soon figure out our idea; then we’ll be ready to execute!

This week has been very productive and I’m definitely looking forward to the fun we’re going to have the remainder of the summer.