Week eight has swiftly come and gone and it is hard to believe that we are over halfway through our summer at The Mars Agency. This week has been a whirlwind of wrapping up one project and diving into the next.

Our Creative interns have been finalizing our tactics for the launch campaign that we have been working on since May in order to prepare for creative execution. In the meantime, I have been developing our campaign’s retail strategy which layers our shopper profiles onto our tactic objectives.

It has been a fantastic learning experience, as I have been working with the Strategic Planning interns to discover how to effectively engage with our target shopper at multiple touchpoints along the path to purchase.

Our second summer project is now underway as well. In this project, our task is to explore the shopper mindset of Millennials at one of our key retailers. To better understand the target, the Strategic Planning interns and I have begun to conduct shop-alongs. In these shop-alongs we have the opportunity to discover what our shopper actually thinks and how she behaves in the retail space. It is a great way to really dive deep into shopper marketing.

Working at The Mars Agency has been a blast so far and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for us this summer!