How often have you wanted to tell other drivers what’s on your mind?  That capability is closer than you may think.  As technology presses forward, so does the opportunity to connect and communicate with people at nearly every moment of their daily lives. In China, GM’s R&D Division is developing a prototype app, called DiDi Plate, that uses an Android phone’s camera to scan the plate and send it to a cloud ID service. The driver who scanned the plate can then start texting the other driver.  Even if the other driver didn’t register this app, you can still give them greetings and comments..

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Even here in the U.S., in-car connectedness is presenting new opportunities for brands and marketers to communicate with drivers with relevant, timely information to influence shopper behavior.  What implications will this have on the future (and safety) of daily commutes? Could marketers and other companies deploy drivers to communicate with others around their franchises? #MarsTalk