Dive Into The City Of Lakes

If you enjoy a lake view, Minneapolis offers over 20 lakes & wetlands. Twin to neighboring St. Paul, Minneapolis is said to be the perfect blend of family and city life, offering a quick escape from either of the two. Mars opened its doors here in 2007 in the trendy “Uptown” area, which draws a blend of various people, cultures and attractions. Favorite sporting teams include the Twins, Vikings and beloved Minnesota Wild. Favorite sports include ice fishing, which doesn’t explain the people of Minneapolis being the fittest in the nation, but they are. So if you’re up for fun, fish and – yes – fitness, The Mars Agency Minneapolis may be the right hook for you.

How to Reach Us

5050 West 36th Street, Ste. 500

Minneapolis, MN United States, 55416

Kara Russo

(952) 777-3629