In 1972, Marilyn Barnett changed
marketing forever.
Our late founder, Marilyn, started The Mars Agency in 1972 as one of the
first-ever female agency owners. It was her incredible foresight, commerce intelligence and pioneering spirit that led a small group of marketers (Martians) to revolutionize the way brands connected with retailers and shoppers.
Today, Marilyn is at it again.
Over the past 45+ years, we’ve grown into a leader in global commerce intelligence—and although Marilyn has passed on, her spirit remains at the heart of everything we do. Literally. We’ve immortalized her through a suite of nine revolutionary marketing technologies we call, quite appropriately, Marilyn. Today’s Marilyn is a Predictive Commerce Intelligence suite designed to guide our Martians and our clients to better decisions, greater experiences and stronger results. With the smartest humanity and the latest technology under one roof, we’ve reinvented the way commerce happens. Again.

As an employee owned and operated company, we serve a triple bottom line—growth for our clients, growth for our people and growth for our community. Everything we do in work and in life is obsessively focused on finding the growth opportunity in every situation. And having fun.

Start Small is our Martian-led volunteer initiative. Every year our Martians give back over $1 million in time and money through personal volunteer days, global citizenship events, Martian Missions and donation drives.

Our Wellness Committee keeps our Martians of sound mind and body—organizing monthly events to promote well-being and healthy habits.

Our Women’s Leadership Council continues Marilyn’s work in developing and supporting strong women in leadership roles—this includes personal & group coaching, a speaker series, events and fellowship.