The growth potential for e-commerce is so high, brands continue to place big bets. But the goal is to overachieve, not overspend.

We can help. We’re a cross-functional team with unparalleled e-commerce experience and expertise. We offer a set of efficient, effective, proprietary tools to help clients optimize their investments, save money, stay profitable, position themselves as leaders in the e-commerce space and stay ahead of their competition.

We help companies with:

Winning on Amazon
The Mars Agency eAccelerator™ empowers sellers with data, real-time insights and 360 action plans to get set up and succeed across Amazon platforms.
Marketing & Media Investments
How and when to invest with Amazon and media marketing plans.
Content Optimization
Developing Amazon and product page content, brand stores and voice skills to increase conversion and search ranking.
Account Management
24/7 digital shelf and performance metrics monitoring and management.
Partnership Programs
E-commerce partner programs to increase reach and unlock Amazon and added value.
Evaluating New Platforms
Determining which e-commerce innovators to invest in, to capitalize on the “first mover” advantage.