I deliberately chose the title of this article to be all verbs because the role of brands in the multicultural landscape has to be defined by action. Gone are the days when having a piece of Spanish advertising was enough to potentially “speak to” or capture this consumer’s interest. As the multicultural consumer evolves, the types of relationships they are enabling are evolving as well – including those with brands. And everything is pointing at more meaning, practicality and, yes, more action.

If you want your brand in their consideration set, and potentially in their own curated portfolio, here are two key insights that explain why you should take the approach of “less talking and more doing”:

1) Individual Aspirations – No matter the level of acculturation, Hispanics in the US have become more aspirational. Even the less acculturated look at their bicultural counterparts and admire their ability to co-exist, not necessarily assimilate. This means that they see greater opportunities for mobility, and are taking matters in their own hands.

2) Cultural Collectivism – With individual aspiration also comes the role of the community. They are not only feeling accountable for themselves, but also for their group. They are taking action by coming together and optimizing their realities. This bonding becomes the support system that allows them to improve in all areas of their lives including education, health, and better access to the services they need.

Ready, Set, GO…

So what does this mean if you are a brand? That you must act now because multicultural consumers are eager to find the right partners to facilitate and enhance what they are already doing, together with their communities. What this means for brands is that we don’t have to create excuses, or invent conversations – the need is there for those willing to help them along their journey. Here are a few thought-starters to get you going:

– Facilitate exchange and bonding by offering peer-to-peer mentoring sessions for skills that matter, that may relate to your brand.

– Help their initiatives gain momentum – Latinas are now very interested in bilingual education, work-life balance, and healthy lifestyles for example – can your brand become an enabler of any of those?

– Empower them to keep moving forward in the direction they want to go – There are plenty of community initiatives out there, and your brand could potentially play a role in one of them.

I have given you something to think about – but not for too long. Now is the time to pursue, and there are already a handful of brands out there making this happen. What about yours?