The Mars Agency is excited to welcome our 2015 Summer Interns!  Each week the internship team will write a blog post discussing their experience and learnings working for The Mars Agency.  To learn more about our Internship program, visit the internship page.

Week five of the internship proved to be exciting, as it brought our first client presentation. After weeks of research and preparation, we finally had a chance to show the client a taste of the work we have been doing for them. With the help of Gary Peare, Vice President, Strategic Planning, we presented our deck highlighting current brand positioning and the implications those may have on future business directions. The experience was an awesome opportunity to work on our presentation skills and learn how to respond to client questions.

Going forward, we are working on the creative brief for the Unask and are excited to start brainstorming possible creative directions. On a more fun note, we have discovered the Ping-Pong table and have some newfound rivalries in the making.

Finally, we have started to brainstorm possible plotlines for the intern video and are excited to see where that video can go. It has been a great week here at The Mars Agency and we look forward to continuing that trend for the rest of the summer.