My internship is different from the Unask interns in that I don’t work with clients. Instead, I get the opportunity to work directly with senior leadership on communications planning. Before starting my internship with The Mars Agency, I had no clue what shopper marketing was. In these past two months, I’ve learned a lot about this unique space and the experience has taught me so much about what it takes to be a Communications professional.

A typical day for me consists of scheduling tweets, drafting press releases, posting thought leadership content on the agency’s website and meeting with senior leadership to discuss the company’s recent rebranding. One moment I could be sitting in on a meeting and the next I could be dissecting hours of video content for agency blog posts. It’s a great place to intern if you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of corporate communications from within a marketing firm.

My mentors are great too! Two very different personalities with a wealth of knowledge. They’ve allowed me opportunities to strengthen my skills and given me a lot of responsibility. I never thought I’d be the sole contributor to the Twitter account, but I am and I’m enjoying it. My favorite experience so far would be being a media contact for the agency’s Global Citizenship Day. That day, I played several roles: social media manager, photographer and buddy to two 10-year-olds. There was never a dull moment. Tweets were coming from everywhere and I do mean everywhere – from Detroit, Oakland, Toronto, and NYC. It was draining but the COO personally commended me for my work with the agency’s social media accounts. It was an honor.

With only one month to go, I am excited for what’s to come as I finish out my time here at The Mars Agency. Definitely #notyourordinaryagency.