The Mars Agency is excited to welcome our 2015 Summer Interns!  Each week the internship team will write a blog post discussing their experience and learnings working for The Mars Agency.  To learn more about our Internship program, visit the internship page.

As we’re leading into the last couple weeks of our internship, we’re honing in on our final presentation! We have worked tirelessly to finalize our strategy and brainstorm ways to bring our idea to life. Now that we’ve developed several in-store and out-of-store tactics, we are putting it all together into a presentation with our research on the problem, the target and the insight. In addition to working under the guidance of a real creative director here at The Mars Agency, we’ve also been working with a copywriter and a senior art director to refine our message and create 3D renderings of our display sketches. We were all amazed about the amount of work that goes into creating a new rebranding campaign, but it’s extremely rewarding to see everything coming together.