Einstein said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In the era of Big Data and virtually unlimited access, on the health care front there is a curious trend of acknowledging the numbers, but ultimately going with your gut; pushing back against the cold, hard data and opting for something a little more squishy and comfy.  Health marketing has essentially traded on a cause effect relationship with messaging “do this to achieve that,” but consumers, even with the internet of everything at their fingertips are increasingly taking a more personalized, internalized approach to “what works for me.”  It changes the way we talk to shoppers and consumers, moving away from the hard data to the softer side of health marketing.

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Is your health marketing message focused on the facts and long-game outcomes?  How might marketers go about revamping their messages to cozy up to consumers via their values, short term gains and reward-based motivation? #MarsTalk