Marilyn℠ empowers marketers to make easier, more informed business decisions by using Predictive Commerce Intelligence.

Day in and day out, today’s consumers and shopper marketers face more choices than ever before. And increased pressure to get their decisions right.

That’s why we built Marilyn℠. Predictive Commerce Intelligence featuring nine interconnected technologies—designed to increase stakeholder confidence at every critical decision point across marketing.

Powered by IBM Watson—and the data of thousands of historical marketing programs, plus proprietary research—Marilyn℠ is the difference between "believing something to be true" and "knowing something to be true."

From understanding the growth potential of a given target or market, to unearthing consumer insights and purchase barriers, to determining the right message, the right time and the right place, Marilyn℠ securely packages and delivers the intelligence marketers need to make better decisions, deliver greater experiences and expect stronger results.

Better decisions
Greater experiences
Stronger results

Nine interconnected
technologies that simplify & optimize
consumer and marketing activity.
Marilyn℠ runs effortlessly alongside marketers as they take the necessary steps to develop, launch and track a successful marketing initiative.

At every critical business decision point, Marilyn℠ unveils an unparalleled dimension of data-backed intelligence that helps guide marketers to make the right decisions in the right moments.
Designed to be intuitive

"We've designed every aspect of each technology to simplify and increase productivity and workflow."

Smarter investment confidence
Predicts volume and value size-of-the-prize definition by leveraging industry data streams.

Better customer prioritization
Predict optional budget allocation and investment, by channel and retailer, based on proprietary qualitative and quantitative data.

Faster, stronger insights
Curates the most relevant market intelligence and data in a fraction of the time.
Great work is only great work if it gets seen in a moment of receptivity and drives commerce. Marilyn℠ ensures that your work is on point and delivered to the right audience, in the right moment with the right message.
Designed to be collaborative

"Each technology is designed to influence the next, because when you have stronger creative, you have stronger media and vice versa."
SVP Strategic Planning

More effective targeting
Predicts feelings, attitudes and actions along the path to purchase, allowing us to make smarter decisions about how and when to best influence our audience.

More relevant engagements
Deep dives into the media behaviors of the target audience, customized to the specific touchpoints to predict everyday purchase decisions.

Stronger, more compelling creative
Instantly predicts visual effectiveness through audience-optimized AI learning.

Harder working budgets
Predicts the most effective retailer and media tactics, and optimal budget allocation, based on data from thousands of historical programs.
The Marilyn℠ Smart Bridge and Results Evaluator are the center of Predictive Commerce Intelligence. It’s here that the data is captured and crunched to lead each Marilyn℠ Technology and marketing decision toward stronger results.
Designed to be ever-enlightening

"We're now using the past, present and future to instantly inform our everyday work."
EVP Business Strategy Practice

More efficient program planning & reporting
End-to-end program planning, tracking and reporting across timing, budgets and results

Better foresight & stronger results
Precision results and ROI at a channel, retailer and tactic level--verified by an industry-trusted third party, Foresight ROI.
Protected and certified by
industry-leading data security.
SOC 2® Type II certification is the most comprehensive certification within the Systems and Organization Controls protocol and includes the following Trust Services Principles: Security, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, Availability, Privacy.
It’s time you know what Marilyn℠ knows.