It won’t be long before marketers start to focus on Gen Z. This generation follows Millennials, and will be the biggest generation of all at over a fourth of all Americans. However, most marketers today are ignoring them – but they shouldn’t. Gen Z’s are a big influence in the household right now and often influence purchase decisions of a variety of products. The oldest group of Gen Z in five years will be transitioning into new life stages, whether it be graduating from college, moving out of the house, or even becoming a parent. They will be more empowered than previous generations to be independent and will have more accessible tools to provide information. Soon we will be able to reach them directly and their attention will be even more elusive than Millennials.

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Gen Z is very dynamic beyond just their truly digital nature, so what else do we need to learn about Gen Z? How can we use their influence in their families to reach them, but also consider it when we reach out to Mom or Dad? #MarsTalk