The founder of Starbucks talks about a “third place”. For most of us, our third place is our car. A common perception is that the Millennial Generation has been immune to American’s love affair with cars, disdaining ownership, and preferring Zipcar and Uber.  However, a recently released Portia/UCLA Millennials and Cars Study offers new thinking: 47% of Millennials believe cars and car brands really matter and one in five are automobile enthusiasts.  The twist? They don’t just want basic transportation: they want internet-enabled mobility options. They have higher expectations than the generations that preceded them. BI Intelligence estimates that 75% of cars shipped globally by 2020 will be connected cars, and McKinsey states that fully 13% of new car buyers will only consider a connected car.

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How can your brand leverage the connected car’s unique communication environment? And especially with the ever-connected Millennials? #MarsTalk