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Christopher Brings Data Science Expertise to the Mars Agency

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

The Mars Agency has strengthened its analytics expertise by hiring industry veteran Noyle Christopher as Senior Vice President, Data Science & Analytics for the Marilyn® Business Solutions team.

Across an accomplished 20-year career, Christopher has developed and implemented data science solutions and strategies that supported growth initiatives for a range of notable clients including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Rent-A-Center, Domino’s Pizza, Mercedes Benz, La-Z-Boy, and Purina.

He spent the last six years at Walmart, most recently leading data science and data engineering activity for the retailer’s Real Estate, Fuel & Manufacturing Technology group.

“Chris has gained a reputation for developing cutting-edge data science techniques and strategies that empower digital transformation,” says Rob Rivenburgh, global CEO of The Mars Agency. “He will be instrumental in helping our clients derive even greater business benefits from our Marilyn® solution.”

The industry’s first end-to-end commerce marketing advisor, the Marilyn® solution lets clients streamline their data, optimize spending, plan strategy and measure results — all in one platform.

Christopher’s business-focused data science skills are informed by a master’s degree in Applied Economics. He will be based in Bentonville, Arkansas, which he has called home since joining Walmart in 2016.

About Marilyn® Marilyn® helps clients optimize performance by providing a single source of truth for all omnichannel marketing activity, ROI analysis and attribution, and scenario planning. (To learn more, contact [email protected])

About The Mars Agency

The Mars Agency is an award-winning, independently owned global commerce marketing practice with a growth-for-clients focus. With talent spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia, they create breakthrough, connected-commerce solutions by balancing the smartest humanity with the latest technology.

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