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Grow Your Business At Walmart

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The inflationary macro environment is a major headwind across the industry right now, with some retailers absorbing increased costs while others are passing it through. Walmart seems to be gaining share as back-to-school shopping improves traffic levels and families seek greater value. So, it’s now more important than ever to understand how you can use Walmart’s ecosystem to your advantage.

We’re proud to partner with Cleveland Research Company for their 11th annual Walmart Forum to bring you tested strategies to help grow your business at this key retailer.

Join us in Rogers, Arkansas, September 28-29, for forward-looking industry insights and actionable ideas you can take back to your Walmart account team. This half-day event curates expert influencers within the industry to deliver knowledge that you can apply to your business immediately. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with us and ask all your omni-commerce questions.

Our Walmart experts Kristin Wall, senior director of Ecommerce, and Kristin Cole, director of customer development, will dive into both in-store and online strategies. They’ll share behaviors and trends driving connected commerce and how you can use this approach to drive performance. Plus, they’ll share real client examples.

What sets this event apart is hundreds of retail partners in one place with opportunities for networking and collaboration, and a focus on the issues that matter most in today’s marketplace. During the Forum on September 29, you’ll gain new insights around Walmart’s business model, digital commerce, omni-channel strategies, consumer behavior, and the retail industry as a whole.

Join us!
2022 Walmart Forum
September 28-29, 2022
Rogers, Arkansas
Register here

Drop us a line if you’re attending so we can connect. Or schedule time with us here.

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