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Macdonald Tapped to Lead Creative Growth

The Mars Agency has promoted Rob Macdonald to Global Chief Creative Officer to guide innovation and growth for clients around the world from the agency’s London office.

In his new role, Macdonald will guide creative activity on a global scale to ensure that clients continue benefitting from the insight-driven creative excellence that has long been a hallmark of The Mars Agency. He’ll also be charged with providing the agency’s rapidly growing creative team with the resources, skills, and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential and drive even greater success for clients.

“With our portfolio growing around the world and our client partnerships expanding across borders, it was time to find a creative leader who can take us to an even higher level of consistency and quality,” says Rob Rivenburgh, Global CEO at The Mars Agency. “Fortunately, we already had the ideal candidate in Rob.”

Macdonald, who has a rich, decades-long background covering all areas of marketing, joined The Mars Agency in 2016 as Executive Creative Director to help establish a multi-disciplined creative engine to support the European business. Since then, he has led the creative team for the agency’s continuously growing European portfolio.

He’ll now extend his leadership to the U.S., Canada, and around the world, establishing practices that seamlessly connect the agency’s creative output with its unrivaled data and planning capabilities.

“Our creative teams have so much experience. We want to inspire each other even more by sharing our work and our thinking,” says Macdonald. “We also want to break some creative boundaries and find more creative ‘firsts’ to drive even greater success for our clients.”

“Campaigns live offline and breathe online,” continues Macdonald. “For the multi-disciplined, multi-talented creatives who understand this and are passionate about it, there isn’t a better agency in the world to work for.”


The Mars Agency is an award-winning, independently owned global commerce marketing practice with a growth-for-clients focus. With talent spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia, they create breakthrough, connected commerce solutions by balancing the smartest humanity with the latest technology. Their latest MarTech platform, Marilyn®, is the first and only end-to-end commerce marketing advisor. Learn more at and

For more information, contact:

Sarah Jo Sautter

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