Retail Media Report Card Coming Soon

Updated: Jul 1

The Mars Agency is presenting a universal tool for the effective assessment and comparison of retail media platforms.

The rapid rise of retail media networks hasn’t just turned the world of commerce marketing on its head — it has flipped the script for retailer-supplier negotiations as well.

Retail media is one of the most effective methods of shopper engagement and sales conversion available to brands in today’s marketplace. But there’s also plenty of opportunity for brands to waste a lot of their spending by allocating dollars to platforms or programs that don’t meet their needs or don’t measure up to industry standards in terms of capabilities or effectiveness.

To help our clients efficiently evaluate spending opportunities across networks, The Mars Agency has developed a way to scorecard the capabilities of each leading network across 58 key criteria that are needed to optimally plan, execute and measure effective retail media programs.

Now, to help the industry at large gain a better understanding of the opportunities available, and to encourage the development of evaluation standards that can ultimately improve the collaborative process and network effectiveness, The Mars Agency will soon begin sharing a public Retail Media Report Card that will be updated quarterly to reflect the ongoing changes taking place across the retail media landscape.

Sign up now and be one of the first to get the inaugural edition of our all-new Retail Media Report Card. Coming early July.

To speak with The Mars Agency about receiving a custom report or more details about a specific retail media network, email Ethan Goodman at [email protected].

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