The Ultimate Guide to QR Code Activation

Updated: Nov 2

More than a decade ago, QR codes burst onto the scene as an effective way to marry the physical and digital worlds by connecting with shoppers their personal devices. But the technology proved to be way ahead of its time for several key reasons: it wasn’t readily available for most consumers, those who did have access weren’t often didn’t know how to use it, and too many marketers rushed to activation without fully grasping how it could be leveraged effectively — making the user experience less than satisfactory. Those issues represent the three key ingredients of adoption for any innovation and technology: scale, frictionless barrier to entry, and seamless experience.

With an overwhelming majority of U.S. adults now possessing a smart mobile device, and with nearly all of them no longer requiring a 3rd party app to read QR codes, all three of the key ingredients have been satisfied. Add in “the COVID Effect,” with humans now desiring touchless methods of obtaining information more than ever before, and usage has increased dramatically — the QR code’s “Tipping Point” has arrived an effective tool for shopper engagement.

In this special report, technology experts from The Mars Agency present best practices for the effective deign and production of QR codes as a tool for cross-channel shopper communication and personal engagement.

To learn more, contact Jennifer Gioffre at [email protected]

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