As lines between consumer and shopper blur, a couple of things shall remain; someone has to “OK” the purchase, and someone has to pay the bill. When considering the “whole store” experience, you should not ignore who the shopper may be shopping with and incorporate that into the design of the space: Moms with toddlers in the grocery store, or anyone over 40 in a Game Stop for example. For Best Buy a few years back, they learned the hard way after an extensive re-model into quadrants of “his stuff” and “her stuff” that “he” frequently would not make a decision without “her” approval which led to more searching for his shopping companion than for actual product.

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As we approach the basket-busting back-to-school season, consider who your shoppers are shopping for, and who they are with – how can you create an environment that keeps all parties involved in the shopping process happy? #MarsTalk