Living by the expression – “The way you do anything is the way you do everything,” Ken and his team’s passionate dedication to performance excellence has led to the profitable success of The Mars Agency’s clients in the retail marketplace. And, subsequently, to the success of The Mars Agency itself, having received industry accolades several times over.

As a seasoned agency leader with over three decades of broad experience in marketing and advertising, Ken Barnett oversees an agency-wide culture of professional growth and client-service excellence. Today, this culture permeates through 11 full-service offices around the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Ken’s companies, in aggregate, employ over 800 people.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Ken continues to reach beyond The Mars Agency to help build other companies within the shopper marketing arena, including a warehouse and logistics company, several shopper-focused digital start-ups and several analytics companies. Ken’s hobby is creating things. He especially enjoys creating new companies that further the craft he has learned – and continues to learn – along what he calls life’s ever-changing and exciting path.

As a developer of shopper marketing as it is today, Ken is currently working with the University of Tennessee to start an academic major in shopper marketing for graduate and undergraduate programs. And when he’s not hard at work placing his shopper marketing influence upon the world, he’s busy being a devoted husband and father and enjoying his newest title of grandfather.