While Millennials are the most online digitally savvy generation ever, a recent study by OpinionLab finds they prefer the mall over online as their favorite place to shop. While somewhat surprising, this aligns with Kantar Retail’s recent report, “Teaching Shoppers New Tricks: The Impact of Habitual Purchase and Mobile Intersection.”  It too found that  found online shopping is being driven by older, not younger shoppers.  The study suggests that mall preference is due (in part) to their social nature and the importance of peer approval.  Or is it a reflection of a ‘jaded’ study?   You be the judge.

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If the study is accurate, it means that just because Millennials go online, doesn’t mean they shop online. But does it have to stay that way?  What if online “Shopping Carts” & “Wish Lists” could be shared on social networking sites for friends to comment on?  What else? #MarsTalk