The What, How & Why Now of Connected Commerce

The Mars Agency’s Fern Grant and Jake Berry explain why consumer brands must rethink both internal alignment and marketing strategy to address the seismic changes transforming the retail and shopper ecosystem in a presentation from Commerce Week 2021 (hosted by Adweek from Nov. 30-Dec 2).

View the full presentation. (24 minutes)

Why is Connected Commerce Getting More Difficult? (10 minutes)

Fern Grant, TMA’s EVP-Commerce, outlines the shifts in shopper behavior and retailer business models that are forcing brands to rethink their traditional commerce practices. View the discussion:

Why Are Manufacturers Struggling? (4 minutes)

Jake Berry, TMA’s EVP-Marketing, examines the structural disadvantages that are making it difficult for brand organizations to effectively deliver Connected Commerce. View the discussion:

How Can Your Organization Get There Faster? (10 minutes)

Grant and Berry share five actions that brand organizations can undertake to cut through the complexity of Connected Commerce and develop the omnichannel experiences that are now needed to drive retailer collaboration and shopper conversion. View the discussion: