It’s not uncommon for brands to celebrate moms with emotionally charged commercials and social media initiatives designed to create a soft place in her heart for the brand.  But what about dads? Sixty-four percent say they feel inaccurately portrayed in the media as disconnected, bumbling, and incompetent. A real miss by brands given that dads are more involved than ever with their families and household shopping. Dove Men leveraged this understanding to win dads over this Father’s Day. A smart approach that’s less about the external benefits of the product and more about the internal connection made with the man using it.

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Creating an emotional connection with the right target in the right way can have long term implications for your brand. For instance, cooking isn’t just about the ingredient, it’s about making mom feel like she succeeded. How can you reimagine your brands to deliver at an emotional level and not just functional? #MarsTalk