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In today’s omni-commerce world…

managing a complicated collection of internal teams, agencies, and ecommerce tools is inefficient, expensive and disconnected. We believe there is power in a connected ecommerce approach. From sales to ops to digital shelf to advertising, we connect and manage your entire ecommerce ecosystem — adding a level of insight and shopper intelligence you just won’t find with any other partner. That’s not just more efficient, it’s more effective.

We combine 50+ years of marketplace and shopper expertise…

makes us even more effective when combined with a mastery of the ecommerce landscape, helping you increase brand engagement, help improve rankings, increase review counts, improve content health scores, drive more sales attribution, exceed ROAS and unlock opportunities with your sales, merchandising and marketing counterparts.

Our ecommerce solutions…

are delivered by our full-service team of Amazon and digital shelf experts and powered by industry-leading analytics and the Marilyn® Ecommerce Insights Suite which helps brands grow their ecommerce business with the metrics that matter across four key components: sales and operations, media, digital shelf and data clean rooms.

Full-Service Amazon

Powered By Marilyn Full-Service Amazon Support

Apply the art and acumen of shopper marketing and the science of algorithms to your Amazon business— across sales and operations, media, analytics and digital shelf

Amazon Audit & Growth Roadmap

Powered By Marilyn Amazon Audit & Growth Roadmap

We pinpoint opportunity areas and define a roadmap for growth with a comprehensive audit from our team of Amazon experts, utilizing data from our Marilyn Amazon Insight Suite

Powered By Marilyn Digital Shelf Content

Digital Shelf Content

We are your single-source digital shelf content provider—from content strategy and creation to syndication and asset management

Powered By Marilyn Marilyn® Ecommerce Insight Suite

Marilyn® Ecommerce Insight Suite

We deliver the metrics that matter across four key components: sales and operations, media, digital shelf, and data clean rooms. Holistic dashboards and opportunity reports enable marketers to make decisions, with speed, to impact their business

Powered By Marilyn Marilyn® Amazon Marketing Cloud Clean Room

Marilyn® Amazon Marketing Cloud Clean Room

Ask the critical questions to help guide strategic marketing decisions and media planning—from how shoppers interact with sponsored brand and display ads, to how campaigns perform regionally, to how ads drive in-store sales

Powered By Marilyn Digital Shelf Health Check

Digital Shelf Health Check

Take your digital shelf from driving compliance to conversion with a holistic audit from our Marilyn® Digital Shelf Solution. Marilyn® identifies opportunities for enhanced shopper engagement, improved marketing connectivity and better utilization of retail capabilities and vendor innovation