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How Shoppers Plan Online Stock-up Trips

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Remember those days not so long ago when we thought shoppers would never conduct grocery stock-up trips online? Ladies and gentlemen, “never” has arrived.

That, however, doesn’t mean shoppers have forsaken all of their traditional habits. In fact, many of the ways in which shoppers plan their online stock-up trips are the same things they’ve always done before in-store trips — including one habit that might seem counterintuitive. So, what are they doing?

Marilyn® Says: According to our most recent Shopper Journey research, shoppers planning an online stock-up trip are most often asking family members what they need (cited by 37% of shoppers), making a physical shopping list (34%), and checking the pantry to see what is needed (31%).

It might seem a little odd for online shoppers to still be making physical lists of what they need. Old habits die hard, apparently. But it should be comforting for brand marketers to know that some of the tactics they’ve been leveraging to get themselves onto shopping lists might still prove valuable in the omnichannel age.

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